What is
5G vCore?

5G vCore(virtualized Core) is one of the critical components of Private 5G Network, operating as a connector between 5G small cell, terminal devices, and service devices.

Contela’s 5G vCore comprises network functions such as AMF, SMF, UDM, and PCF for Control Plane, UPF for User Plane, and EMS for Management system. Its whole and complete structure enables it not only to operate solely but to interoperate with the ones of telcos and branches.

How does it work?

Key offerings

  • 100% Contela S/W technology; prompt respond to customers inquires
  • Easily operable on Cloud due to Linux container
  • Enable to scale network functions separately due to containerization
  • Enable for separate commercialization of control plane and user plane
  • Support various network slicing technologies by one control plane interconnecting with 16 UPFs
  • Support active-active control plane
  • Design network based on high understanding of 3GPP standard
  • 5G Core Network Protocol
  • Afford flexible commercial deployment of private 5G
  • Network slice
  • High-availability
  • Low latency and capability of processing large packet
  • Provide an all-in-one total management system for various telecommunication infrastructures like core and access equipment, network, and DBMS