Corporate Sustainability Management

Contela is committed to practicing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management in pursuit of sustainable growth. As engaged in growing together with various stakeholders, including employees, clients, and shareholders by communication and collaboration, Contela pursue the following strategies of ESG management:

Environmental Management

Contela is actively leading the way in environmental protection, recognizing the seriousness of issues such as environmental pollution and climate change. We comply with environmental regulations and promotes eco-friendly activities such as maintaining the government-recommended indoor temperature during heating and cooling operations and avoiding the use of disposable items in the workspace. Contela will continue to take the lead in energy conservation and environmental protection, achieving eco-friendly management for future generations.

Social Responsibility

Contela is dedicated to creating a future where businesses and society can grow together. We strive to fostering a pleasant and healthy work environment for employees, establishing a corporate culture of mutual respect and a horizontal structure. To do so, we place importance on employee management and evaluation, while also making efforts to support our partners in their ESG management. Ultimately, Contela aims to contribute to the local community through various social contribution activities.

Ethics Management

Contela acknowledges the expectations and demands of various stakeholders. To address these expectations, we have established a transparent and responsible governance framework. Contela also aims to contribute to the nation and society by customer-centered management based on mutual trust. Regarding transparent ethical management as an essential prerequisite, we have implemented ethical guidelines for all employees, ensuring the practive of ethical behavior and value judgements.

Sun Park, CEO