What is

Using a higher frequency band, 5G has lower building transmittance than that of the former generations. Its broader frequency band also makes it difficult to transmit signals to the existing distributed antenna system (DAS) inside a building. These are the reasons why 5G needs the in-building solution. 5G divides its base station system into DU and RU for better connectivity, locating DU in a central office and RU inside a building. Layer Split Hub, located between DU and RU, divides DU signals and distributes them to RU, and combines RU signals, then forwards them to DU.

Contela has been appointed as a sole supplier of LSH by Ericsson, a global base station company, and developed LSH with the appointer that transmits Ericsson's DU signals to RU devices inside a building. SK Telecom adopted LSH to their in-building solution and has been deploying it nationwide since 2019, enhancing the user experience of 5G.

Where is it applied?

Distribution Application
Inside Building As many DUs locate inside the building, LSH requires to interoperate with DUs inside the building.
From Central Office As fewer DUs locate inside the building, LSH requires to distribute by buildings at a central office.

How does it work?